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Actress of Theater play and Albanian Cinematography!

She was born in Gjirokastra on December 24, 1937. She had her first connections with art in 1951 as a ballerina where she worked there until 1962 to later become a professional actress at the People’s Theater (today the National Theater).

From 1977 until her retirement she worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts in the branch of Drama. Started in cinematography with an episodic role in 1963 in the film “Detyre e posacme / Special Task”. While in the Theater she started a year before 1962 in the Drama “Rreshqitja / Sliding” by Besim Levonje. Other roles in both Film and Theater would continue. She mostly played the roles and figures of girls and women, who suffered misfortunes in love, in marital relations, in families, etc. As an example we can mention “Banoret e pallatit n. 6 / Residents of the palace n. 6 “; “Studentja i vitit te fundit / Last year student; “Fytyra e dyte / The second face”; “Drita / Drita”; “Komunistet / Communists”.

She tended towards an acting with sorrow colors, with mournful, complaining tones, which created a desirable emotional background. Thus she has continued to play the loving, compassionate Mother, the brave, heroic wife and many other figures. To mention some of them, although in episodic roles, for example in the Theater in: “Gjenerali I ushtrise se vdekur / The General of the Dead Army” (1972) by Pirro Mani where she plays Nice, “Sinjali i kuq / The Red Signal” (1973) by Bashkim Kozeli, “Shi ne plazh / Rain on the beach” Mother Compassion of Albert (1984) written by Teodor Laco, etc.;

In 1977, unlike her favorite model, she interpreted with nervousness and passion her most accomplished role, that of Laja in the drama “Lulet e Sheges / Pomegranate Flowers” by K. Jakova, a role which she also played in the television with two series “Kur hidheshin themelet / When the foundations were laid.” She gave a strong, persistent woman, within the socially accepted and inspiring heroine political myth, but, nevertheless, truly with a realistic demeanor.

In cinematography are some of the most prominent roles for her: 1963 – “Detyre e posacme” (episodic role); 1972 – “Kryengritje ne pallat”; 1978 – “Yje mbi drin” 1979 – “Ceta e vogel”; 1979 – “Ne shtepine one” where she plays Miri`s Mother. Then there is 1981 Violeta in “Shoku yne Tili , 1983 -” Zambaket e bardhe”(TV); 1984 plays the director in the film “Nxenesit e klases sime”. Same year she plays in “Taulanti kerkon nje moter”, later she is Gjergji’s Mother on the television “Te shoh ne sy” (1986). In the same year, 1986 – “Rrethimi i vogel”, 1987 – “Perralle nga e kaluara”. Also in v. 1987 – “Bote e padukshme”, 1988 – “Treni niset ne shtate pa pese”, 1996 – “Viktimat e Tivarit” until the last film “Woman without arms” in 2002.

She has about 30 roles in a career long of 30 years. Mimika Luca has also written several plays. Among these dramas, which had a stage life was that of 1968 with the title “Drita” Mrs.


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